Dog clicker with ability to record custom sound

Train your dog with clicker

Make your training efficient with our easy-to-use dog clicker. Choose from three preset clickers or record your own. Fun and effective training is just a click away!

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Teach whistle commands

Experience precise command training with our frequency adjustable dog whistle. Give commands without words, making it clearer for your dog. Create your own whistle patterns for outstanding accuracy. Take your pet's training to the next level!

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Whistle with frequency settings
Sound cards

Play and train with sound library

Explore our sound library with over 60 sounds for sound sensitivity training or playtime. From animals to squeaky toys, we've got it all. Plus, you can record and play your own sounds. Make your dog's training sessions as unique as they are!

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Customize your training

Combine all your favorite tools into a single screen to make your own training dashboard. With clicker, whistle, whistle patterns, and sounds all at your fingertips, you can create a training environment that's customized to your needs!

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Training dashboard

Frequently asked questions

Is Furbino free to use?
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Yes, Furbino is completely free to use with non-disturbing ads. You can remove the ads with a one-time in-app purchase.

Why should I use the dog clicker and how does it work?
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The dog clicker in Furbino is a tool that you can use to reinforce good behavior. When your dog performs the correct action, simply click to signal that the action was successful. This clear connection between the dog's action and the reward greatly enhances training efficiency and helps your dog learn to repeat the rewarded behavior.

What is the purpose of the dog whistle?
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The dog whistle in Furbino can emit sounds at frequencies higher than humans can hear, making it an effective training tool. It can be used for recalling dogs, teaching commands, or even as a clicker substitute. Different whistles or whistle patterns can be used for various commands, making it more accurate and clear for your dog.

What sounds are included in the sound library?
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Furbino's sound library includes over 60 sounds in categories like Animals, Street, Household, Squeaky toys, and more. You can also record and play an unlimited number of your own sounds.

Why should I play sounds to my dog?
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Various sounds can be used to entertain your dog, help them become more comfortable with different noises, or train them to prevent unwanted reactions. Desensitization and socialization techniques involve gradually introducing unfamiliar or frightening sounds at low volumes, rewarding your dog for staying calm, and slowly increasing the volume and duration. Some sounds are great for playing with your dog. You can play them sounds like squeaky toys, watch their reactions, and enjoy the time spent together.

Can I use Furbino with other pets as well?
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Yes, you can use Furbino with other animals as well. The clicker, whistle, and sound library features are versatile and can be used for training and conditioning a variety of animal species, not just dogs. Always ensure your animal's comfort and safety during training.

I reinstalled Furbino and I see ads, what can I do?
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If you have purchased the ad removal before, you can restore the purchase. Simply open the app, go to Settings, and select Restore purchase.

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